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Are you a Porsche parts supplier, a Porsche dealership, or involved with the Porsche brand or the Porsche community in some other facet? If so, then consider advertising on the Porsche 944 Turbo Resource.

The Porsche 944 Turbo Resource has been online since late 2006, and has fast become the internet’s top Porsche 944 and 944 Turbo historical resource, attracting hundreds of visitors a day from across the planet. The site’s content regularly tops Google, Bing, and other search engines, and outbound links on its content pages generate a notable degree of traffic for partnered content sites. Furthermore, the site boasts a high time-on-site average and page view average.

In order to keep this historical resource live, the Porsche 944 Turbo Resource is looking to partner with Porsche-related parts distributors, dealerships, or other Porsche-related websites by way of a rotational advertising/sponsorship program. Ads will be reasonably priced, and charged on a per-month basis or annually, depending on the term commitment preferred by the advertiser.

Advertisers will be allowed to place a large banner (text, graphic, or Flash-based) at the footer of each content page, redirecting to their destination of choice, and a unique content page, co-authored by the webmaster and by the advertiser, will be published on the resource, detailing the advertiser and its products. Advertisers will also be featured on our growing Facebook Fan Page, ensuring maximum brand exposure.

If you are interested in advertising on the Porsche 944 Turbo Resource, please use this link to contact the Advertising Program email address for more details.

Note: potential advertisers will be privy to some data from Google Analytics to illustrate both the site’s traffic averages and its advertising potential.

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