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[ Jon Milani picture ] Jon Milani was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. He currently lives in Regina, where he works and goes to school.

Jon is a fourth year History major at the University of Regina. He is also interested in Geography, Political Science, English, and Philosophy among other subjects. He plans to apply for Law School upon completion of his B.A.

He holds a variety of interests including web development, music and film, graphic design, arts (painting and drawing), and participates in the automotive lifestyle. He volunteers at the University of Regina, participates in a number of online communities, and is a contributing member of the BMW Club of Saskatchewan.

Jon is also involved with some other web projects, the latest being an iPhone ringtone distribution company called Ambient Rings – Business iPhone Ringtones.

He publishes some of his essays and other written work on his personal blog. He also publishes financial analysis on his new blog, Continuance – Facebook Financial and Operational Analysis.


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