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Welcome to the Porsche 944 Turbo Resource – a resource for Porsche 944 Turbo enthusiasts and those seeking to learn more about the flagship model of Porsche’s most underrated series!

I, the author of this resource, have researched, developed, and organized such a web-based resource in an attempt to accurately catalogue and present information pertaining to the 944 series, Porsche’s highly successful, albeit largely underappreciated series, first introduced at Frankfurt in 1983.

Those who have owned a 944 can attest to its quality, not only with regard to its aggressive exterior styling, but also in the finer details; subtle attributes that forewarn of the series’ racing spirit synonymous with the Stuttgart badge.

Undoubtedly, therefore, the 944 transcends the status of merely another sports car.

The aim of the resource, quite simply: to evaluate primary and secondary source material, and to organize that historical information, ultimately summarizing the chronological, technical, and historical developments which not only lead to the birth of the 944 series, but that which guided its evolution, and assured its survival as a marquee of the premium Porsche brand well into the latter half of the 1980s.

This resource, I hope, will be enjoyed by amateurs, enthusiasts, and Porschephiles alike. It should entertain curiosities about the 944 Turbo and preserve its legacy as an example of the quality of Porsche engineering.

I hope to complement one of Porsche’s most underrated sports car series with as fine a resource.


Jon Milani