Porsche Trickle Charger

Maintaining your battery is a very important aspect of storing a vehicle for any length of time. A battery is often an expensive component of your vehicle, and unless it is properly maintained it will eventually lose charge and need to be replaced. Many owners prefer to remove their battery during storage. However, this is often not a viable solution for many owners (late model Porsches require the battery be functional at all times). Nevertheless, protecting your battery is important, because a battery that goes unused for any length of time can become damaged or discharged.

As such, a great way to protect your battery without removing it from your Porsche is by using a trickle charger. The trickle charger (manufactured by Porsche – although it is available elsewhere – see below) will send a current through your battery in order to maintain optimal charge, and then go into float mode in order to maintain the battery. That is, it will send enough current to charge the battery, go into a passive mode, and only become active when the battery charge drops below a certain level again. Thus, the battery is always charged, but it is not allowed to fall below a recommended charge level, and it is not overcharged (which can severely damage the battery). The trickle charger simply plugs into the cigarette lighter, while the other end plugs into any wall outlet or extension cord. While the unit is charging the battery a red light on the charger unit will light up. Once the battery is at optimal charge, the light will turn off. If/when the unit reactivates to maintain the battery, the light will turn back on.[*]

Although it was unclear whether this trickle charger was compatible with the 944 Turbo, after using it I can attest that it works perfectly well with older model Porsches (as opposed to new models like the 997 911 or the 987 Boxster). Nevertheless, I would caution against using the trickle charger with original or very old batteries. In my case, my battery was relatively new; I cannot speak to the potential outcome when using the charger to maintain and old (early 90s or earlier) battery. However, if you are using a newer battery with your vehicle, the trickle charger will most likely work for you. Although there are non-OEM models (see below), the official trickle charger can be ordered directly from Porsche or via a Porsche dealership. You can also order the Porsche Trickle Charger from Amazon.

Part Information:

  • Part Number: 98061198100
  • Price: ~$60.00 USD
  • Location: Porsche Cars NA or your local Porsche dealership

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[*] It is important to note that unlike some charger units (both those that connect directly to the battery and those that connect via the cigarette lighter) are not designed to go into “float mode.” That is, they will not stop charging the battery once it has reached optimal charge. This is important, because overcharging the battery can cause damage to the battery (so much so that it will almost certainly necessitate replacement). As such, it is a better idea to buy a trickle charger that is designed to go into float mode once the battery reaches an optimal level – although it is not necessary to buy the brand name variety (i.e. a trickle charger from Porsche, BMW, or another respected manufacturer). In fact, Porsche’s OEM trickle charger is developed by a company called C-Tek. The C-Tek branded version of the trickle charger can be bought at a significantly reduced price (although some buyers claim there are differences).