Euro Show and Shine

This weekend the BMW Club of Saskatchewan (formerly the BMW Club of Regina) hosted its annual Euro Show and Shine. A number of interesting groups came to the event. Besides the BMW Club, a collection of Porsches, Audis, Mercedes, VWs, and Porsches were on hand.

The turnout for the show was notable. While the BMW and VW clubs comprised the majority of the participants, the Mercedes Benz and Audi dealerships brought a few cars to showcase, and an array of classic European cars and motorcycles attended as well.

Three Lamborghinis were also on hand, including a gold Diablo and a white Countach. Their (noisy) arrival was certainly a highpoint of the show. Although the owners were very cautious (going so far as to surround their cars with caution tape), the raging bulls were a welcome addition to the show.

The Turbo was not the only Porsche at the show. There were a couple 964 911s, as well as a couple other normally aspirated 944s and a 968. The Turbo was runner up for Best in Show, losing out to a very nice e46 BMW with suspension, wheels and tires, and an outstanding stereo system – obviously, the Lamborghinis were excluded from the Best in Show category.

Gallery of the Euro Show and Shine below: