944 Turbo S at the Euro Show 2009

Last weekend I brought the Turbo to the 2009 Euro Show, hosted by the BMW Club of Saskatchewan. It was nice to get the car out to the first real event of the season – I have yet to bring it to any of the track days because I’m still in search of new wheels and tires, although I have attended the events.

The Euro Show 2009 was a great community event with provincial participation from a diverse range of the European automotive community. This year’s event was also a charity fundraiser for Hope’s Home, a local charity that helps the families cope with the financial and emotional burden of nursing and supporting sick children.

The show was a lot of fun, save the extremely disappointing weather – not only did it rain for most of the day, but at one point it began to hail, and temperatures never went above 10 degrees Celsius. Nonetheless, there were about 50 cars in attendance, including Audis, VWs, Porsches, BMWs, and a handful of AMG Mercedes.

I hope that (besides the weather) the Euro Show will be indicative of a good driving season, and that it will be the first of many successful events over the course of the summer! Below I have attached a picture of the Turbo at the show. I will also upload more pictures of the show to my Flickr account.

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