1988 944 Turbo S Sales Brochure

The following is a digitized copy of the 1988 limited edition Porsche 944 Turbo S sales brochure. This brochure was provided to prospective North American buyers, and emphasized the exclusivity of the Turbo S (which, of course, changed during the second half of 1988, when the Turbo S was expanded, and in 1989 became the standard production model, annoying original buyers). Excerpts from the sales brochure are as follows (the digitized version can be viewed below):

In years past, it was possible for a small number of select enthusiasts to purchase a competition model from one of the leading sports car manufacturers in Europe, and drive the car both on the road and at the race track.

Porsche revives this spirit and tradition with the introduction of the exciting limited edition 944 Turbo S.

Based on the very fast and agile Porsche Cup 944 Turbo competition model, the Turbo S retains most of the enhanced performance equipment and capabilities of the race car, while providing an elevated level of standard comfort features and amenities.

Unlike those dual purpose cars of the past, the 944 Turbo S does not require that one sacrifice comfort for performance. On the contrary, the 944 Turbo S revels in the fact that it can provide remarkably high measures of both.


The special edition Turbo Cup 2.5 liter engine features internal modifications which boost power to 247 hp. That’s a 30 hp increase over the already impressive standard 944 Turbo engine.

Power and response are noticeably enhanced, yet the engine is as docile, smooth and tractable as the standard 944 engine.

The 944 Turbo S can accelerate you from 0-60 in just a tick over 5.5 seconds!


The already excellent 944 Turbo S chassis has been modified to fully-complement the increased power of the Turbo S engine, and to meet the highly specialized demands of racing competition.

Firmer springs and shock absorbers, a thicker front stabilizer bar, and more rigid suspension bushings combine to deliver sportier handling that is remarkably taut, precise, and responsive.

Massive ventilated disc brakes from the 928 S4 are used at each wheel. On the highway, they provide quick, stable, virtually fade-free stops time and time again.

A sophisticated anti-lock braking system helps prevent wheel lock-up under hard braking, even in wet, slippery conditions.

Special forged alloy 16-inch wheels are 7-inches wide in the front and 9-inches wide in the rear. High-speed, VR rated performance tires measure 225/5- VR16 front and 245/45 VR16 rear respectively for outstanding traction and cornering grip.

The special 5-s[peed gearbox features an external oil cooler for added longevity and reliability under very demanding conditions, while the limited slip differential ensures optimum traction in cornering and acceleration.


The 944 Turbo S is subtle, yet the knolwedgable enthusiast can readily identify it by its exclusive metallic paint and noticed, disc wheels. Headlight washers, protective side mouldings and a rear window wiper are standard.

Slip inside and the comfortable interior and long list of amenities seems to belie the racing heritage of this very exclusive Porsche.

The headed, power-adjustable comfort seats, as well as the door panels, are covered in an exclusive sport cloth. The sophisticated air conditioning system automatically maintains the present temperature you choose.

Power steering, electric windows, a central locking system, a ten-speaker stereo sound system, and individual folding rear seat backs are all standard.

That a car with such outstanding performance potential should be so comfortable and refined seems almost beyond comprehension. That it’s a Porsche seems only obvios.


Only 1,000 944 Turbo S models will be produced. Less than 500 will be made available in North America. The exclusivity and limited production of the 944 Turbo S makes this an outstanding car.

This is a car build for the true and knowledgeable enthusiast. For the individual who can appreciate the remarkable performance capabilities it possesses, and who truly knows what an engineering feat this elusive balance of high performance and uncompromising sophistication really is.

It is a unique opportunity to own a factory race car that can be enjoyed and exercised every day of the week. It is an all-to-rare chance that the true Porsche enthusiast cannot afford to miss.

[*] The copy of this brochure copyright Dr.Ing.h.c.F.Porsche AG and Porsche Cars North America. All Rights Reserved. It is used solely for educational purposes, and not for profit. It should be not be considered representative of Dr.Ing.h.c.F.Porsche AG of Porsche Cars North America. A special thanks to “Techno Duck” from Rennlist for providing the brochure.

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