Track Day

I had the opportunity to attend a local track day hosted by the BMW Club of Regina at Three Flags Motorsports Park. Several cars attended the track day including a 335i, 645i, e46 M3, 320i, a couple other late model BMWs, and a supercharged Mustang.

Considering my unfamiliarity with the track and general inexperience with track driving the Turbo, it performed surprisingly well. The engine temperature and oil pressure were optimal – reassuring because a couple cars experienced heat related issues.

Although the track was narrow there was enough room to take the corners aggressively, hitting the clipping points for maximum out-of-turn acceleration. Moreover, the back straight-away allowed the car to stretch it’s legs: by the breaking point we were into third gear at 125 km/h.

But for the most part the car wasn’t particularly suited to the track – the tight turns and the fact that the circuit had relatively short straightaways meant that the turbo wasn’t fully able to generate any notable degree of torque.

However this was less of a concern than the general lack of grip – after two runs it was pretty apparent I needed new tires (and probably brake pads too), both of which are on the purchase list for 2009.

In all the track day was quite enjoyable – especially the cruise to and from the track. I hope to attend another track day in 2009, and hopefully with a more track oriented setup: most notably wheels, tires, and brake pads.