944 Turbo and BMW photographs

A collection of photographs taken in June 2007 of the 944 Turbo S and a friend’s BMW 320i. The BMW 320i is Japan Red, while the Turbo S is Velvet Red Metallic. These shots are interesting, because the lighting characteristics highlight one of the many hues that the paint takes on (it varies considerably, as other pictures on the resource will demonstrate).

The photographs were taken by a friend with his Cannon digital SLR camera. The photographs turned out really well, although in retrospect it would have been a good idea to take some photos of the Turbo S on its own. Nevertheless, the pictures do capture the aggressiveness of the Turbo S, but perhaps hint at some livability – especially in the company of a more luxurious (by modern standards) BMW.

Note: the BMW 320i (e46) has since been sold, and is hoped to be replaced by an e46 BMW M3 in the coming year.

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