Audio upgrades

My 944 Turbo S came equipped with option M490, or a Hi-Fi sound package (head unit and speakers). The system was a Blaupunkt model that featured the head-unit, speaker package, and the Hi-Fi tuner (Betriebsanleitung: BEA 80). Although the stock stereo system was impressive in its day – featuring a CD player (in 1989!), the stereo, by modern standards, is lackluster at best.

It was therefore expected upon purchase that I would upgrade it, although the fact that during delivery the car was jump started, which subsequently killed the stereo, didn’t make me feel any better about it. Nevertheless, I had another reason to upgrade. I wanted to use my iPod in the car (it’s far more convenient than conventional CDs), and since I had no intention of using the abysmal iTrip, I had to install a stereo with a AUX (1/4th inch) input.

I didn’t want anything too flashy, both because I didn’t want anything that would further spoil the interior, and because I didn’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention to my car – namely thieves. The stereo I chose seemed to be the best compromise, and to my surprise even the digital font almost perfectly matched the original Turbo’s clock font. And, of course, it works great with my iPod. I opted to leave the Hi-Fi tuner in the car, both because I had nothing else to put in its place, and because I think it adds some aesthetic value to the interior (although, it is now nonfunctional).