In a way, this resource represents my rebirth as a Porsche owner. It is a testament to a car that was lost, and another that was found. The car that was lost was my 1986, Crystal Green Metallic Porsche 944. The car that was found, or its replacement is a 1989, Velvet Red Metallic Porsche 944 Turbo S.

First, the story of loss:
As of Sunday, August 6th, 2006 my car is gone. Before I am burned at the stake for offending the Porsche gods, take some comfort in the fact that it wasn’t my fault at all. This is the only reason I can still sleep at night – or sleep moderately well: my brand new neck brace makes things a little difficult.

I suppose I might as well explain how it happened. Basically I was driving down what could be described as a freeway: a two lane road with a speed limit of 70 km/h. I was traveling south down this road at 70 km/h, and along this road there are many intersections controlled by standard green yellow red lights. As I entered a particular intersection, or rather just prior to entering it, I noticed that a white Corsica didn’t seem to be slowing down as he entered the intersection to turn left across my path.

As I entered the intersection, I realized he wasn’t going to wait. In fact, I’m not even sure he saw me at all (somehow?). I pumped the breaks instantly, but not before deciding that it was better to navigate right (and risk hitting the sidewalk/light post on the right side), than to go left, potentially avoid the car, and possibly kill the driver of the sport bike to my left. Thus, regardless of my reaction time, the crash was inevitable.

Contrary to what they say, your life doesn’t really flash before your eyes in a flash in a car accident. You don’t really hear much, you don’t really think. But you see everything, and for a split second it’s like you’re watching yourself and then in that rush of g-force you’re back to reality and you’re sitting in your car with your hood bent up and your engine dead and the smell of leaking fluids.

This is where the story gets a little frustrating – as if losing your car isn’t enough. This guy, this careless soul, actually ran away. He just got out of his car, and he ran. It didn’t much matter though, his license plate was buried in my front end, and he left his car anyway. Time passed, the police came, I gave a description, and so forth. As this all happened I looked at the horrible mess that used to be my beautiful 944.

Thus, this website is a testament to loss. However, this site is also about what is found. It’s a story of redemption; it’s about survival. I survived; my love for my car survived, and manifested itself in my desire to find another. I had to replace what was taken, and I had to transform a dangerous, depressing situation into something good. Like a flower that grows out of concrete, I had to honour the memory of my car.

The story of what was found:

Enter the 944 Turbo S.