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In past iterations, the 944 Turbo Resource was running directly from XHTML-transitional coding, but without a CMS back-end. That is, each page was written onto a template XHML code, with PHP includes where appropriate, by the author. However, since late 2008 the site content has been moved to a new server with modified WordPress blog to handle the site content.

The software is far more robust, and since it works off of a database, it is much more effective in its taxation of server resources. Moreover, the fact that it runs off of, and generates XHTML-transitional W3C compliant pages means that the site is now completely cross-browser compatible. And, the database allows for more effective site backups, to ensure that no data is lost in the event of an emergency situation.

Although the switch to WordPress has necessitated the temporary removal of some content (namely the archives, including documents, pictures, and video and audio), once the web application has been tweaked to accompany the new content, it will be re-added. Moreover, the scope of the site has, by virtue of the application, increased to include a level of user participation – namely via the comments box.

The goal of utilizing WordPress is to improve the end-user experience, and to make the 944 Turbo Resource more reliable, more inter-operable (in terms of browser compatibility), and to better display content to users. All future updates to the WordPress system, or to the website in general, will follow this philosophy.

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